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Thank you for choosing Shadow of a Saint to immortalise your Legend status!!

Please read the essential information in the box below once you have read all the information you are ready

to proceed to the Tourism shop page and create your order and customise away!! 

OK Legends- Grab a cuppa, your specs, a blankie, the dog, sit back and read on! 

When you place your order with us there are a few things we need you to do to ensure we get your order out to you as soon as possible so you can show off your hard earned Legend status to anyone who comes close enough!!!

When placing your order for a print on your own Tee you need to decide on if you would like just your venues listing on the rear or your venues to the rear and your home run or barcode adding to the front.

Choose your preference from the drop down menu on your chosen print

If you have decided to be fancy and choose your homerun or barcode, or indeed both then please put your

homerun and barcode information in the notes box.

These next steps apply to all Legend orders be it your own Tee or our Tourist Legend Line...

Do you want to customise your garment even further and add country flags? Tough decision I know, but if you do then once your print or garment has been added to your basket, head back to the same page as where you have just chosen your print, the flags are there as their own seperate item.

Add the required amount of flags to your basket and again- list your flags in the notes box!

check your basket over to make sure you have all your extras on there and then checkout.

Please note- A venue list is just your venues- and extras like adding dates, country names, numbers, extra lines of text or posting outside of the UK etc are additional extras with an extra cost.In this instance please contact us first so we can give you a quote and

create a custom invoice just for you

Still with me? That was easy peasy wasn't it??

E-mail your list of venues over to

Just a plain old list in the order you would like them -


Just your venue names, no numbers, extra dashes or commas before them -just the venue names

Please do not be offended if you send incorrectly and you are asked to resend. A list is the quickest and easiest way for me to transfer your list onto your proof

One last little thing that is super helpful -

Please use an email address you access regularly for your order so we can get in touch and resolve any issues asap.

Now you are ready to head over to the Tourism shop page,

order away, and another Tourist Legend is born wohooooooo!!!!!

Our address for posting your own Tee to is 14 CUMBERLAND CRESCENT, BILLINGHAM TS23 1AY 

Once you have completed your order please post your Tee as soon as convenient, as we only provide your proof once your Tee is safely with us.


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